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Patellar subluxation, shoulder subluxation or any other type can be highly painful! Long's Chiropractic Health Services offers treatment of subluxation for our patients. Subluxation is a dislocation of a joint or area of the body, including spinal. The chiropractic method for treating this ailment is the best as it is natural and done non surgically in clinic.

Located in Lancaster, PA, our practice treats many different types of subluxation on a regular basis. Sometimes a patient may even have a partial subluxation and not even be aware that is what the root cause of their pain or gait issues is. Often easily treated, we can have you on the road to recovery and feeling better in no time.

Contact us today if you experience a subluxation. We can help whether it is a patellar subluxation, shoulder subluxation, finger or hip. Treatment of subluxation is often simple, quick and effective, helping eliminate discomfort and pain quickly. We treat all types of subluxation including spinal. Call our chiropractic clinic today to schedule your appointment!

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