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Long’s Chiropractic Health Services is dedicated to helping you to live the best lifestyle that you can. One of the ways we strive to do this is by helping patients recover from chronic pain and injury, allowing them to return to activities they enjoyed prior to their injuries. Our doctors make use of the best natural methods for assisting in pain management, without the use of medications.

The natural pain management techniques used by our doctors will help the patient recover in a safe, effective way that can also improve their condition. Our goal is to help the patient return to their pre-injury activities and quality of life after an injury, illness or condition they may have suffered through. Our doctors will monitor the patient through exercises, stretching or other methods to get them to a place where they lessen or alleviate pain and discomfort that may be negatively impacting their daily life.

Natural pain management can be a safe and effective course of action for most people. Our facility’s staff will work with the patient to develop a pain management program that is personalized for them. Through chiropractic-centered care, we attempt to address the patient’s whole state of health, not just the specific injury at hand. We truly value health and the overall body condition.

Our facility is located in Lancaster, PA on Columbia Avenue, just west of Centerville Road. We are accepting new patients and would love to have you call or stop by to schedule an appointment. We know that when choosing a chiropractor, convenient location and a positive reputation are very important, and we can offer you both! We appreciate your interest and look forward to the opportunity to serve you. Contact us today!

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